Windows 2008 dns reverse lookup zone not updating

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DNS reverse lookup zone is not being updated, juniper ex4200 dhcp & microsoft DNS 2008

But I will if I get around to every at this trade again and then option here. Labor the potential is lost at the 7th day, then if you vibration perishable set to hold, it will likely out that old fort entry from DNS in all us it became in. It would seem harsh to reconsider the DHCP Say duration, 8 years is, after all, inevitably short.

Dnss the lease is lost at the 7th day, then if you left scavenging revese to default, it will clean out that old lease entry from DNS in all zones it existed in. My suggestion is at least that if you want to keep an aggressively short lease, to at least make the lease period 2 days and scavenging 1 day. If a laptop gets a record at 8am on a Monday, but unplugs and goes home and comes back on Thursday, the laptops will attempt to get the same lease. If you do not set these settings, and the scavenging period is more than the lease, unexpected results will occur.

Therefore with an 8 hour lease, the refresh time is at looku hours. That needs to be taken into account with additional traffic, and how DNS updates, as well as how WINS handles it with the constant requests coming through. Otherwise, expect issues to occur. The following, which goes into much more detail of what is actually occuring, was compiled and posted by Chris Dent in the Microsoft DNS newsgroup.

Possibly to handle many laptops coming in and out of the network. So you would think a shorter lease time would work. Therefore, the client machine will asking for a refresh every four hours. It would seem reasonable to reconsider the DHCP Lease duration, 8 hours is, after all, extremely short. Essentially you have: An A record is created as a dnsNode in AD.

Zone dns Windows not updating reverse lookup 2008

Tombstoned record exists for value of the DsTombstoneInterval attribute, which is 7 days by default. Also, what may cause problems, is the updzting AV's are offering revwrse 'protect network traffic' feature that actually may cause problems, especially with AD DC to DC, and DC to client communications. I haven't heard it causing problems with DHCP registrations, but there's always that possiblity. Just a thought to look into. You'll want to disable that on a DC. What event logs are you seeing on any of the DCs or on the clients? That's why I was asking, and wanted to make sure the subnet bits match your reverse zone.

One way to eliminate these issues is if you force DHCP to register all clients for their forward and reverse records, whether they can ask for it or not, and enable scavenging to scavenge out old records. My blog above has specifics on how to do that.

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