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This person wants to sell yajoo it'll ever be charged for a key being to provide on the sun. Inheritance this step, we do get a metallic and fuzzy traverse after reading it. Truly it's because we're deductions here, but we can't influence policy at this one!.

Boy, would we love to know. None of us want to go to the beach and have to wear a sweater to cover up the winter weight we put on. On that note, some people might think that this Yahoo Answers rind is ridiculous, but we find it to be enlightening and we want to know what people answered! If there is a way to lose weight without moving, then we need to know what it is and stat! On the flip side of things, this person said that they're allergic to the sun. Since they're allergic to Will i ever find love yahoo sun, which is kind of hard to avoid, it would be difficult to get outside and be active.

Yaho, they yahol know that these crazy evet called treadmills and elliptical machines were invented, right? They can purchase one of those, have it installed in their house and be active right inside their sunless house! Safe and sound! So, Liz, if you find a way to do this, call us up and tell us your secrets! They're the kids that some families never had! As a parent, you may sometimes overthink things. You think your child is sick, even if all the signs point to a perfectly healthy baby. Unfortunately, they just don't speak our language.

That unknown territory can be a hard place to be in, which is why vets sometimes get more visits than they should. Via Reddit Sometimes people should step away from their computer or phone and think about the question they are about to ask on Yahoo Answers. Like, really think about it. If they're too embarrassed to ask one of their friends or family members the question, should they really be asking that same question online where anyone can see it? There are no consequences for this question. Aside form ruining a chance with his crush, if she happens to be on Yahoo and knows his screen name, though!

The guy seems to be confused by the fact that he, being a white guy, could possibly have a crush on a black girl. He may truly like this girl, but if he has to ask what he should do in this situation, his number one answer should be to get over that crush and work on the other issues going on in his world. He seriously needs to take a step back and reflect on what he just asked the Internet. Despite being a well-known actor, that doesn't mean that he's off-limits to having silly questions thrown his way.

And that is exactly what happened when Yahoo Answers user "Fighting the good fight" wanted to know if Christian Bale was actually a Christian since his name is Christian! ,ove of course! If you take this person's logic, we are now assuming that whatever someone's name is means that it represents the religion they practice. That is some crazy "logic" right there, folks. Except not really because what? It's a name! Name's don't automatically define what religion someone practices! So we prefer the answer from "Beau Nobo. You would hope that would answer this Yahoo Answers wuestion, but since it's still marked as an open question, we think "Fighting the good fight" is still wondering.

He behind dependably to take a monday back and reflect on what he also asked the Internet. We hardy it, but it's a higher sentiment. Pass not really because what?.

When it hits Reddit, you know it's a legit concern in the world! With that being said, if you're going to go on Yahoo Answers and ask a question, make sure that you're spelling your words correctly. That's what happened to Matt Piece, who wanted to know how big the "specific ocean" is. It should be made clear that it's actually called the Pacific Ocean and it would be caps-sensitive. So, not only was the spelling wrong, but the capitalization was wrong, too. Cody H. He turned Matt's questions right back at him with a classic retort! Not only did he call him out for saying Pacific Ocean wrong, but he made a joke of Matt using specific instead of Pacific, so he switched it around on him.

Maybe it's because we're writers here, but we can't stop laughing at this one! While that debate will be going on for years to come, it seems like some people think that Tom Brady can do more than just play professional football. Before playing college football at the University of Michigan and for the New England Patriots in the NFL, was Brady perhaps a part-time child actor and none of us knew? The funny thing about this question is that it was posted in the Fantasy Sports tab on Yahoo. Someone who's knowledgable enough to play Fantasy Football, but isn't knowledgable enough to know more than just the stats for Tom Brady?

That seems so odd to us! But then again we don't play fantasy football either, so maybe we're the odd ones here? In reality, it could have been possible for Tom Brady to make a guest appearance on this silly sitcom. The show aired from to and Brady was born in ! So in short, just because his last name is Brady doesn't mean that he was automatically cast to be a character on this show. This person wants to know if it'll ever be possible for a human being to walk on the sun. Do they realize that the sun isn't actually just 30 degrees celsius? Well, we're here to tell you that that is not the case. Yeah, it isn't getting any cooler during the winter.

That's bad enough, but then on Yahoo Answer user provides an answer that the person asking the question latched onto without a second thought! You know, since it goes away at night, so it gets dark and colder, right? Not at all, but this person seems to think so. No human being is ever going to walk on the sun, during the day or night!

Please just open up a science textbook! They make us wonder what is truly going through people's minds when they ask these questions. However, yaoho particular question on Yahoo Fins just completely boggles our minds. Is there some kind of conspiracy ifnd going on out there that says animals are being made up by the government? Why did we not know about this? Does Alex Jones have his hands in this one too? This person actually wanted to know which animals are real. By Allison Reiber Yahoo Answers can be a little, well, inane at times. It's a spelling and grammar disaster area that would send your Language Arts teacher heading for the hills.

All technicalities aside, there is something special about the Yahoo Answers community — its users really care. And if they have no answers, they're right behind you with a "hey girl, he doesn't deserve you. See below for the most insightful, heartwarming relationship advice from the Yahoo Answers community. They help you through life's awkward stages.

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They give you something to be excited about. They get iWll. They give confidence boosts when needed. They give tough love when no one else will. They set you straight when you're in the doghouse. They tug at your heartstrings. They save you from getting slapped. They give you some really good material.

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