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There is no automatic way to find all external references that are used in a workbook, however, there are several manual methods Upxating can use to find them. You need to look in formulas, defined names, objects like text boxes or shapeschart titles, and chart data series. Click Options. In this example, it's "Goto Book3 in My Documents". Automaticallg OK. The hyperlink is inserted in the selected cell and looks exactly as you've configured it: Autoatically link to a specific sheet or cell, click the Bookmark… button in the right-hand part of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, select the sheet and type the target cell address in the Type in the cell reference box, and click OK.

To link to a named range, select it under Defined names like shown below: Add a hyperlink to a web address URL To create a link to a web page, open the Insert Hyperlink dialog, and proceed with the following steps: Click the Browse the Web button, open the web page you want to link to, and switch back to Excel without closing your web browser. Excel will insert the web site Address and Text to display for you automatically. You can change the text to display the way you want, enter a screen tip if needed, and click OK to add the hyperlink. Hyperlink to a sheet or cell in the current workbook To create a hyperlink to a specific sheet in the active workbook, click the Place in this Document icon.

To link to a named range, select it Updaging the Defined Names node. Insert a hyperlink to open a new Excel workbook Besides linking to existing files, you can create a hyperlink to a new Excel file. Here's how: Under Full path, check the location where the newly created file will be saved. Use correct address as available in the current worksheet.

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The whole process may be tedious but better than the situation where you are unable to open the Excel Hyperlinks. Abrupt excep and worksheet file closure The hyperlinks and other data in a worksheet may present discrepancy in case of a sudden system shutdown, without proper saving and closure of the file. There is an inbuilt option in Excel to update Hyperlinks every time the workbook is saved. If you update the links, Excel attempts to retrieve the latest data. If you don't update, Excel uses the previous information.

You can click either Update or Don't Update. By default, Excel displays this message. You can control if it appears, and if Excel updates the links manually or automatically. See Figure 1. Figure 1.

Detect automatically excel 2007 links Updating in

The Edit Links dialog box. Select the link you want sutomatically update. However, if you have a lot of formulas, doing this manually can drive you crazy. How to Find Externals Links and References in Excel Here are a couple of techniques you can use to quickly find external links in Excel: Using Find and Replace.

Enable the macros so that you can use the sample code. Pivot Table: The file is in xlsm ib, and zipped. Enable macros so that you can use the sample code. Table of Contents: Hide Sheets: For the code to hide sheets after a hyperlink is clicked, download the Hide Sheets After Hyperlink Click file. More Tutorials.

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