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As brands shift gears and focus on relaxed silhouettes, the modern fit is a lot more forgiving than it used to be, meaning you can gain that coveted slim look without making your legs suffer.

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They have skijny from being a trend to a wardrobe classic that you can style in so sjinny ways. Skinny jeans were originally only worn by men Believe it or not, tight jeans date back to the 17th century and the 18th century and they were only worn by male members of the royal family. The upgraded skinnies As skinny pants have been around for decades, it was only a matter of time before they got a overhaul by a number of innovative designers. Men and women were spotted in the leg-hugging pants, which were either whiskered, colored remember when they all came in bright colors?

So without further ado, lets take a trip down memory lane and check out how xating jeans became the jean du jour spoiler alert: So after looking at the history behind skinny jeans, lets now look at how you can style them to keep them looking as fresh as ever. Byit was socially accepted for women to ditch their heavy skirts in favor of pants but only for outdoor activities. Keep them monochrome To give them an instant contemporary look, resort to the fashion playbook and go for tonal dressing. For an awesome statement look, balance out the leg-hugging silhouette of the jeans with a voluminous top; it could be an oversized denim jacket or as seen on the BNY Jeans model above, a loose sweater will also do the trick.

Jeans time no dating for Blank denim skinny

During this decade, it was all about grandeur over-the-top designs. This practically, went down a storm, and continues to stay popular among many different consumer demographics to this day. Add new comment. Soon, iconic Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe was also spotted in dark wash skinnies, while Audrey Hepburn loved to wear slim fit Capri pants — a more ladylike version of the skinny jeans. Designers began using embellishments, distressing, and even acid washes to perfection. And with all these options in mind, you might ask yourself: The best part?

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