Sedating cats for travel in a car

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How to Take a Cat that Hates Cars on a Road Trip

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Give 1 chew per day. You can give this to your cat on a daily basis or whenever needed. If you want to increase the dose intake, you will need to contact the Vet prior to Secating that. Pet natural chews are not a cast, but they work like a sedative on your cat. Check it out. You can use it if traveling by car long distance, or you can even use it at home. This Audio CD is a great tool to help calm down your cat. Conclusion I know there are many more over counter sedatives which are not listed above, but as travrl I will only list the ones that I have used and tried with my cats and let you know whether they have helped in reducing anxiety in my cats or not.

You could hurt your cat without knowing it. We have reached the end of our post today. Thanks for reading. Each of these medications affects a different mixture of neurotransmitters. Benzodiazepines There are several types of benzodiazepines that are used to sedate cats, and they all are pharmacologically similar to the prescription medication Valium. They increase the levels of a neurotransmitter called GABA. The increased GABA levels help to keep your cat relaxed. In addition, cats with liver and kidney disease generally cannot receive this medication, and these medications are not administered to cats who are pregnant.

Benzodiazepines are available only by prescription. Diphenhydramine Diphenhydramine is the active ingredient in the over the counter drug Benadryl. In the end, despite giving her the option to use the kitty litter and to have something to eat and drink, Miss Kitty had no interest in coming out of her cat carrier. As for me, I would normally enjoy stopping in little towns on a good Australian road trip but this time I wanted the journey to be over as quickly as it be could for her. If the trip had been longer, I would have found a pet friendly hotel to spend the night.

In travel Sedating a car for cats

Settling Kitty yravel a New Home As soon as I arrived at our new home I brought Miss Kitty insider in her carrier, set her down in the middle of the lounge room and let ofr out. I had expected bolting behind chairs or under things, but after coming out cautiously she was happy to sit with Sdating on the rug and accept lots of pats and attention. After keeping her inside the house for a few days so she could get used to the idea of the new home, she took her first City Cat steps out onto a lawn. The spray that I recommended can sedate your cat for a long car ride or a plane ride.

This can range from an hour or two to a few hours depending on how much product is sprayed. Be sure to NOT spray the product directly on your cat. The spray is to be used on either the carrier, crate, bed, or blanket. Your cat will ingest this medication from the scent.

Be sure to let the spray completely dry before placing your cat in the area im the spray. Pills and liquids have a similar time of effect. The main difference is they Sedwting a little bit longer to kick in since they have to go through your cats digestive system first. Are Cat Sedatives Safe? When trying to sedate a cat for travel, all sedatives have their own safety and health risks. For sprays, never spray the product directly on your cat. With pills be sure to not overdose your cat by following the instructions on the back of the label. One of the most common concerns with sedatives are blood pressure. Sometimes they can lower blood pressure to a dangerous level.

This usually happens if you overdose your cat with the un. Some symptoms of low blood pressure may be a very groggy and disoriented cat. If you see your cat walking around the house and bumping into things or not walking in a straight line he might have had just a little too much. Putting your cat in a relaxed state can also lower his heart rate. This in turn will cause your cats breathing to be short and shallow. Taking a road trip with a cat — not so much. Start preparations at least a week before hitting the road. Do a Carrier Overhaul An uncomfortable carrier equals an uncomfortable cat. The carrier that might be perfectly fine for your dog can be a bad fit for cats, and a basic carrier that works for vet visits may be too small for long trips.

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