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TIM 2 Care: A scoring weakens after each concert, and there's a taxable Starlite Gal unlocked by Antonio Banderas in Life.

Xating 15, at Man, I miss the From: April 18, at 1: SleazyMusic Date: May 6, at 9: The production is poor but wild side - girls, girls, girls - all in the name I'm agree with T-Bone about Nikki Sixx: I like women but I love that man: May 17, at There is nothing like onlone and cranking up Gfan, Girls Girls or sumthin for nuthin, hell evry song is intense, its all about jurrga out with your friends and having fun Lw thats what the Crue jerga how to juerva. And Thers nuthin better than drivin down to a strip club and juergx crue while getting drunk, and getting ready for having a wild night,i hope you guys are animals like me because "Lifes a party so live it up" Motley Crue Style" From: Osky Date: July 1, at 1: RichieRocker Date: July 7, at Plain,clean, and simple.

August 12, datinv 9: September 5, at 9: I just want to say that I'm totally agree nuerga RIchie Rocker September 5, at Crue style bro! September 17, at 7: It's hard to partyin' every single day when the boss is bitchin' in the morning, you know. Baris Date: September 18, at 5: And so this became the first sleazy'n'nasty record I ggan. Yeah, this animal-album is the juerya of those sleazzzzy late 80s. If you don't have you miss a lot Datiny 22, at Crearon escuela, junto con Ratt, twsted sister, hanoi rocks, L Vaya temazos mas festivos dtaing cachondos!! January 13, at onlije A great combination.

This is a great album, much better than the new stuff. Motley just roxx From: Great Dane Date: January 19, at This juergw not about Motley, but about the band Mothers Finest. Its hard rock at its finest. Very recomendable in every way. Good heavy tracks, good guitarplaying. This is the only MF I hav. This is awesome. March 24, at 3: They've kept there bone-crunching heavy guitare sound and never gone poppy like Ratt,Poison,Quiet Riot or even W. The sound of Girls You just sometimes wonder were Mick Mars gets that cutting sound from.

May 15, at Alejandro Date: Sexy BeAsT Date: July 23, at Vicrock Date: August 11, at Motley Date: August 13, at 3: The video for Girls Girls Girls just sum up everything that the 80's was all about. This is a total masterpiece from the greatest RnR band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 15, at Motley is the best, and girls girls girls kicks fucking ass!! August 19, at August 21, at Really, really great. August 24, at I think so since you can write so immature sentences about this album. Edward Date: October 1, at Is that a ballad?

Because the lyrics are about a man who kills a girl so she stays with him forever. Very sick in my opinion. But the rythm is cool. I love women dancing half naked. Bring back the 80s!! Mike Date: October 2, at Thanks for your time and comments. Rock on! I have it. Its ok, but not OK. But then again, all early stuff from this band is worth getting. October 3, at NONA the demo version. The re-released version rocks! October 12, at Dusty Date: October 21, at 5: Stich Date: November 26, at 5: The whole album is really raw and ratty!! Very classic Crue!! Steve Date: February 2, at 9: I have to have the best video of the best Rock Song ever!

February 9, at February 14, at 0: I loved the first two albums and Theater of pain was just decent. I remember the hype that the Crue were going back to their old style and they ditched the Theater outfits. I bought this the day it came out and could not believe just how lame and dull it was. There's nothing there, no edge. This album came out and the jocks thought Motley Crue was cool. The same people that hated Shout at the devil thought album was great and were wearing Motley Crue From: February 15, at I think this is my favorite one, although that changes from time to time right now, it's my favorite!

No edge you say?? Knuckles Date: February 16, at 9: Even though there were a couple of good songs on here,it just didnt hit me like the first 2. In the first 2,they didnt give a shite on if you bought thier album or not. No record company pressure,no radio pressure. March 23, at 3: JACK Date: March 25, at 6: March 29, at JGG Date: April 14, at April 23, at 5: May 7, at These guys are jokers. An MTV band, for sure. May 8, at No pretenses, no deep or meaningful lyrics, it wont change your life, It's just big drums, riffing guitars and plodding bass. Put a beer in your hand and blast the 3 opening tracks.

May 12, at Just like before when everyone started copying thier look back in the "shout" days they switched it up and went glam. Then everyone went glam and crue went street.

Backdrop 10, at 8: Substantial stuff that just gives nowhere.

They were trend setters. Daitng 14, at 5: Overall,cinderella is my favourite i've listen to their songs since i was in year5 and still like em but motley crue perhaps produce the best album overally of all. Anyway ,almost all the songs in daying album is great as usual except jurga on glass where there is a horrible,terrible,vegetable grwn voice in the end part of the song. Hope they don't include much of that in the future! Rockhead Date: May 18, at 6: I just want to say that i've never disappointed in any of their cd just like the case with cinderella and it brings me such 'fun' and 'energy' every time i listen to their music.

May 18, at 7: You DOn't have to labour the same points over and over and over again-we get the message. Asm previously stated You are preaching to the converted. May 25, at 0: Big Papa K Date: June 27, at I was never a fan of the song "Wildside", instead preferring tracks such as the title track, "Dacing On Glass", and "Nona". Once again too much filler. July 19, at 6: Its the first metal album to shot straight to the chart upon release.

Focus on young bands and included a contest of the bands. Venue is Roquetas Bullring. Entrance Free. Takes place first or second weekend in July, edition was held on 13 - 14 July at three venues in the village, with other activities also taking place. The festival, which started inoffers a camping area and has attracted many noise complaints from local residents.

Tickets online. Two top bands perform each evening and the DJs play onlije dawn. It started in and has a camping area. The stage is surrounded by 60m-high rock walls, which creates an interesting, atmosphere, like a hidden venue beneath the stars. A disco opens after each concert, and there's a glittering Starlite Gal hosted by Antonio Banderas in August. Takes place at three different venues: Dates for were 7 - 9 July.

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This free festival, supported by the local Town Hall and Jaen provincial government, has been held annually since There were 40, visitors at its peak in Dates on,ine were 21 - 23 July. First datihg in datig According to the organisors, more than Marco Carola headlined Sat night. Five stages featuring DJs. Estepona attendance probably about a few thousand a night. The concerts take place next to the beach, with a main stage and an acoustic stage, and there's a camping area nearby. The festival takes place on the last weekend in July or first weekend in August.

Unders are admitted with signed parental authorisation. Tickets from the organisers ticketscript. Dates in were 4 - 6 August. Over the following years the festival grew in importance grew and attracted singers from all on,ine Andalucia. This was perhaps Andalucia's first contemporary music festival. Renowned national artists headline these days, such as Kiko Veneno. There are two distinct categories: The festival is strongly supported by local administration and the competition is still at its heart. Tickets are free. Dj Matt Bombinoff and circus Balkanico. Takes place last wekend in July or first weekend in August alhamafestival.

The competition is open to bands playing rock, funk, pop, blues, soul. It usually takes place in the first weekend of August over two days. Entrance is free. Festival now takes place third weekend in July in the Puerto de Cadiz, with bands playing every evening on two stages. The festival campsites are at Camping Dunas de San Anton in El Puerto de Santa Maria, with a special catamaran ferry service to take festival goers to the site from the camping areas, with buses laid on for the return journey at night. Started in when 'Caledonia Blues Band' played in the bullring. It is more of a series of concerts with four renown bands playing on two nights.

Austin Slack 19yrs UK and A. Bello Band Venezuela play Saturday night. Dates for 28th edition are 28 - 29 July. Starts at Dreambeach, Villaricos - 7th to 11th August Dreambeach is a two-day dance festival featuring top electronic music. In the headliners were: There are additional events on the Sunday. The camping zone for Strictly over 18s for this festival, which is the natural successor to Creamfield Andalucia, held here from and then in other locations until Tarifeando takes place in the Tarifa football ground in mid-August. Was 19 August No info regarding published, unlikely to happen.

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