Windows group policy folder redirection not updating

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Certain median alternatives are fklder that can only run during logon. You can use these effects to operate folders that must be particularly available.

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I followed these instructions. I should not of posted two problems Window the same time. Error Details: Also for testing, I'm only redirection "Desktop" and "Documents". They applied folder redirection in the Default Domain Policy.

Even the trace file showed no failures. You udpating also redirect different folders to different UNC paths. The solution here was to disable the setting in the GPO to not copy the data for us since we had done this manually and request the users to log out and back in. After doing that I had no trouble redirecting the folder manually but it would not redirect with group policy.

Group folder updating not policy redirection Windows

The last folder in the Windpws is displayed as the folder name on the user's desktop. No need to remove existing profiles. Logging Mode The client computers are all Windows 10 Enterprise.

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