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Perfwct makes a man see you ibte the hottest and the most seductive and beautiful lady on earth, it drives the man crazy and make him unstable and uncomfortable. Hte was carried away to the extend she made me forgot that I had a girlfriend. Mind you this tips cab also be done to your own man or your husband when you need him or what him to do something for you… Am sure the females know what I am talking about. Wait a minute what am I doing! In this post, do take note of all the highlighted words and words that are colored for it is of importance. How to prepare your mouth before Lip Biting Brush your teeth: It is necessary for you to brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean.

Keeping your teeth clean is a healthy way of living. Do this before you put on lipstick or lip gloss. Your breath should be fresh and clean.

Make your lips tender using sugar: Sugar can exfoliate your lips and make it tender and ready for lip biting. All you need to do is wet your lips a bit with water then apply the sugar. Rub the sugar gently on your wet lips until the sugar has dissolved. Applying of sugar also helps in removing the dead cells on your lips and any crack on the lip there by making the lips succulent and smooth. Always use a lip balm to avoid the lips from getting dried and leading it to crack.

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Use a lip balm that is made with less of chemicals. Go for lip a ilp that has these ingredients in them: Not every lip balm HHow on all lips, so find a lip teh that works ti for your lips. Do not use a flavored lip balm when flirting or trying to seduce a man. This is because not all men might like the particular scent you used. Apart from lip biting, you can use this method at anytime by applying it twice or thrice a week to have best results. Apply a nonstick and long lasting lipstick: You have to use a long lasting lipstick so that your tongue will not lick off the lipstick immediately and also your teeth will not get stained. What color of lipstick should you use? Well the answer to that is very easy and simple, use Red or Pink lipstick.

Reasons why you should use Red or Pink lipstick: The reason is that such color of lipsticks makes your teeth look whiter and also makes your lips more noticeable and attractive. A man can stare at your lips for a while because of those colors of lipsticks. How do I know this? I know this because I am a man and lot of men I have know and interacted with has attest to it.

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Have fun while flirting. Here is the part you have been waiting for Lip Biting Tips on how to attract and seduce a man using lip biting Deep Look: Deep look means looking at the man straight into his face and perfet, letting the man hite that into him. Make sure to check ths Identity Crush's music and visit their Facebook page. Hte Stop by 'Your Mom's House' If you're fresh out of college without a job but still want new threads this may be just the "service" for you. Don't pawn that graduation ring just yet! Why not try visiting " Your Mom's House. How cool is that? Check out Pop Roulette 's hilarious video where they show you all the advantages of "shopping" at your mom's house.

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