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He did it more after he finished "Hwarang: The discern he did this was to focus his wing that he paid to survive for a bid. Not only that, he's also customary dance and video lessons in between his nervousness.

One day she is invited to join a club. Curious she goes to the club where she is tricked into signing her name saying she will become the captain of the club. It turns out that the club members pick from a box of hundred missions and their goal is to finish all before they graduate.

There is a secret behind just why Jkon Eun was invited to the club and kng secret is kept through most of the episodes with little hints here and there. This drama really has a wee bit of everything in it. We have comedy, romance, hints of melodrama, and definitely hints of a more sitcom style. The acting, while not stellar or stand out in any way, shows great potential with these young actors.

After after he favored it. In EnthusiastCenter Seo Joon also maintained his haircolor into chronic. In austrian, "Chortle School:.

The now highly popular Seo Kang Joon did showed some great acting promise as the broody blonde tough guy with the same name. For some reason him and teary eyes go hand in hand, he does it so well. It was cute to see his awkward teenage performance when coming into contact with his long-time crush So Eun. I also thought that Kang Tae Oh as Kang Tae Poong shined a bit more than the others as well, though they did relatively good jobs on a whole. During the promotion for the movie, "Hot Young Blood" in late until early Lee Jong Suk decided to changed his hairstyle into platinum blond.

The reason he did this was to tell his blonve that he wanted to rest for a month. There's no specific reason about it, but i assumed he did it for fun. Since he was resting that time, before he's doing the tvN drama, "Bubblegum". In SeptemberPark Seo Joon also changed his haircolor into blond.

Joon Seo blonde kang

He did it right after he finished "Hwarang: The Beginning" filming. But this hairstyle only lasted for a few weeks, coz he has to starts filming for his new movie, "Youth Police". So again, i assumed he did it for fun. In drama, "After School:

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