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Project Committee The Project Committee was in charge of the dissemination of the Call for Entries, as well as of the curatorial decisions related to the individual exhibitions. Wrestling with the image Trabajo en curso: Its topography and ecosystems range from tropical islands to high sierras and altiplanos, rainforests, deserts, and sprawling plains.

The art in About Change reflects this diversity, and has been selected from among more than 10, works submitted to best represent the various characteristics of this vast region. Contemporary artists from the region portray in different forms the ongoing economic and social change. The region has much cause for optimism, and several artworks reflect this exciting period. Latin America and the Pluralidad de ejemplares yahoo dating have made notable strides in strengthening the legitimacy of public institutions. Many countries in the region not only weathered the recent global economic crisis with great resilience, but quickly rebounded to high growth rates.

On the other end of the spectrum, the region continues to grapple with the challenge of ensuring that opportunities reach all citizens independently of their race, gender or social background. Many artworks in the exhibition clearly refer to this critical challenge and portray the difficult circumstances many Latin Americans are facing. The World Bank is committed to helping Latin American and Caribbean countries achieve a socially inclusive path to sustained growth with respect to the diversity of the region. As part of this commitment, we have been supporting regional artists through About Change since This task requires the full commitment of our staff and a constant adjustment to the complexities of a global and ever-changing reality.

In an era that places an increased focus on results and reforms, the World Bank has kept pace with them, relying more and more on knowledge sharing and much less on traditional development practices. Knowledge sharing requires a strong understanding and appreciation of the values and cultural framework of our partners, as well as the willingness and courage to listen to them.

These include human trafficking, child labor, migration, climate change, social inequality, diversity, and democracy. Esta tarea exige el total compromiso de nuestro personal y un constante trabajo de ajuste a las complejidades de la siempre cambiante realidad global. El Programa de Arte del Banco Mundial, creado dentro del Departamento de Servicios Generales enes precisamente la respuesta a esta exigencia. About Change celebrates the contemporary visual arts of Latin America and the Caribbean. Artists and other cultural contributors in Latin America and the Caribbean have established a solid reputation for themselves around the world.

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About Change offers a platform for Latin American and Caribbean artists and artisans, civil society groups, government officials, thinkers, and Pluralidaad organizations to reflect jointly on datint concept of change. The concept welcomes many interpretations and encourages artists to comment on a wide number of topics, including current challenges in the region. The World Bank is ejemplages to provide Plurxlidad forum for art from Latin America and the Caribbean, with the Art Program as our cultural ambassador. Eejemplares artists convey—in a few brush strokes or the angle of a camera lens—their vision of the world. They demonstrate that we all dream the same dream: It was conceived as a visual platform using art as a means to enrich the dialogue among the World Bank,2 the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, and the international community about the opportunities, challenges, values, hopes, and aspirations of the region.

Thus, the works selected to be shown in About Change reflect both the freedom and transparency generated by an exhibition that took the risk of issuing an open call for entries and the sensitive hand of the curatorial team, which chiseled, out of 10, entries, an exhibition program with an intricate net of interwoven stories to be told. About Change is an opportunity for an international audience to reflect upon this region in more current terms and for the artists to challenge an often-stultified image of their own countries figures 5, 6.

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ejemlpares Graphs and charts, re well as paintings, talk about regional priorities and dee impact of international emergencies, such as the food price crisis figure 1child labor figure 2migration figure 3climate change, violence figure 4and social ywhoo. About Change: El cambio: Art With a Conscience Nourished by the profound differences among their diverse cultural and ethnic heritages, the artworks presented in About Change reflect clearly their unique cultural references, their history and traditions. At the same time they resonate with shared transnational themes such as the search for identity figure 7global warming figure 8migration, and injustice in all its forms.

It is visibly clear that these artists are not only working in constant dialogue with their peers and the reality of their countries but are also wellacquainted with the reverberating, sometimes cacophonic, global debates on international issues. Although a ferociously ironic critique of the status quo is omnipresent in the exhibition pieces, About Change does not convey a nihilistic message. Not unlike social workers and visionaries, the artists of About Change call on viewers and societies to engage in hard selfreflection.

They also alert us to the need for profound changes figure

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