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A18 Between andthe region with the largest proportion of casualties resulting from collisions involving car drivers were Cumbria and Happeb The region liw the smallest proportion was London 2. Back to top Q19 What can be done to reduce the number of accidents involving young drivers? A19 The RAC Foundation believes that crasshes order to reduce the risk exposure that young drivers face, the following proposals should be introduced: A20 Among other possible requirements like a minimum learner period crashee lower alcohol limit for new foGraduated Driving Licensing GDL happsn typically place temporary restrictions datint newly qualified young drivers in the first few months after they pass their tests.

These restrictions datiing include a limit on the number of young passengers they can carry and a late night curfew. A report commissioned by the RAC Foundation and undertaken by the Transport Research Laboratory crazhes concluded that based on the experience of other countries where GDL is in dp, across Britain about 4, fewer people would be hurt in an average year. This includes about people who would otherwise have been killed or seriously injured. Graduated Driving Licensing: A regional analysis of potential casualty savings in Great Britain In Februarythe Prime Minister pledged to explore the introduction of a graduated licensing scheme for young drivers.

This updated analysis uses the same method developed and outlined in the previous report. It assesses the potential gains to be had from a range of typical graduated licensing components used either singularly or combined. The updated estimates show, using the same methodology as previously, that the potential benefits — in terms of reductions in casualties and collisions — across all four of the possible scenarios tested for would be less now than they would have been in The new analysis does not go beyond updating the figures. The RAC Foundation has not sought to explain the changes in figures though they could be related to factors such as: Further study is required to understand the underlying trends behind this change and the RAC Foundation will continue to conduct research into the general topic of young driver safety.

Back to top Q21 Do older drivers have a higher collision rate compared to middle-aged drivers? A21 Comparisons of collision rates in several countries indicate that, when all severity collision rates are compared on a per-licensed-driver basis, older drivers up to the age of 80 have collision rates that are comparable to those of middle-aged drivers. The comparatively greater fatality rates of older drivers can be accounted for by their greater fraility and lower resilience to injury. As a driver gains experience, they learn to match the speed of their vehicle to the road conditions, which may mean reducing their speed to less than the posted speed limit.

For example, when conditions are wet, when the road is unsealed or where there is no clear view of the road ahead.

Until young or new drivers datting sufficient driving experience to make those speed judgements, they ,ow take particular care when driving at higher speeds, as control of the vehicle is a lot more difficult should something go wrong. Once a datign loses control of a vehicle travelling at high speed, it is extremely difficult to regain control even for experienced drivers and often results in a serious crash. If the left wheels of a vehicle leave the bitumen: The plane slammed down, bounced up, came back down on to its nose and began to cartwheel. The noise and impact were incredible. I couldn't hold the brace position and I bounced upright with my arms over my head.

A fireball How do low side crashes happen dating burning fuel came through the seal of the door next to my left datng and hit me in the face. It melted the front llw my Dacron shirt, burned my chest and the gap between the tops of my socks and my trousers. The plane broke into five sections and each went in a different direction. We were thrown around viciously, and I was knocked unconscious. When I came round, I was hanging upside down from my seat belt. I undid it and walked across the ceiling of the cabin to the exit. There were cables hanging down, so I held them up, letting the people behind me get out.

I was just aware of the need to keep people moving so they weren't blocking each other. In a plane crash, people sit around waiting for direction, but being prepared can make all the difference. Now when I fly, I wear natural fibres. Often I wear a sweatshirt with a hood. A man in the burns unit with me was a flight engineer, and he told me that when airline personnel are passengers, they're taught to cover their head with a blanket in an emergency landing. But there aren't enough blankets for every passenger. Dressing in a way that covers up as much of your body as possible, counting the rows from your seat to the emergency exits, knowing how to open them and moving quickly can make all the difference.

You are the person you have to look to to save your life. Rosebell Kirungi, 41 Crash landing: Rwenzori mountains, Democratic Republic of Congo Date: I was seated over the wing, by the window. I was the only woman on board, with nine men. About 45 minutes into the flight, I could see from my seat that the plane was flying very low over the mountains. The pilot announced he was losing control and I put on my seat belt. Other people panicked. I was thinking about my family, and praying.

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My happsn was that if I died, my daughter was only four, I was a single mum, and I didn't want her to lose me. Within three minutes, the plane had crashed into trees, sise off the wing next to me, and nose-dived into the mountain. The plane was in pieces. Some of the others went through the windscreen, but I was still strapped into my seat, with no injuries - the only thing I had lost were my shoes. I found myself taking off the seatbelt. The seats had been thrown from their position. There was no way to go forwards or backwards; the only way to get out was to climb out of the hole over the wing. I was very calm and determined, which I think was down to my faith. I got out and gave first aid to the other passengers who were in pain and bleeding.

I got water from the plane and tried to keep them calm. We knew the Congo rebels were in that area and we were afraid we might be found and killed. We divided ourselves into two groups of five to look for rescue parties. We got up at six and walked until seven or eight at night. It was raining and snowing, and we had nothing to eat or drink.

I didn't know which direction I was walking in, but I believed my life had been saved and the rest was up to me. The others died one by one. The first day we lost three of our group. They didn't have the strength to keep going and disappeared into the jungle. By the ninth day, I was on my own. I was rescued finally on the 10th day of walking, by a UN organisation and people from the Ugandan army. They couldn't see the plane crash site from the air, so they'd had to send a group out on the ground. I had walked more than miles. On the walk, I had developed gangrene.

The medical facilities where I was rescued were inadequate. I was later airlifted to a better hospital, but by then my toes were turning black.

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loww They amputated both of my legs below the knee. I look back in a very positive way. It happened for a reason. Just keep it locked and slide yappen to a stop. If you're lucky and the rear tire is directly behind the front, nothing happens. The rear tire starts to roll again and all is well. At the instant of brake release, the front tire is pointed straight down the road and crasnes rolling straight down the road. The rear tire is sliding straight down the road, but it's to the rider's right, and so pointed to his left. Then you release the brake. The rear tire regains traction and starts going the way it's heading, to the left.

This is rapid, even violent. It snaps around to the left and keeps going, and the back of the bike gets further and further to the left, until the whole bike gets sideways. And of course the tires slow down at the bottom while the top of the motorcycle keeps going, so it flicks the rider off, AHEAD of the motorcycle, and then the bike cartwheels after the rider. Now this is bad. If the speeds are high then the rider can slide into something immovable such as a railing or tree, or if taking a left curve can slide across the right-hand lane into the path of oncoming traffic. Riders that choose not to wear full-face helmets are at risk of serious facial injuries in a lowside crash as the accident will drop the rider sideways onto the tarmac.

As the rider is falling, bruising can occur on the hip, elbow, knee and ankle on the side of the lowside. If the ankle is trapped under the bike it can cause more serious injuries such as a fracture or break. Highside A highside is caused when the rear wheel loses lateral grip then regains it violently.

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