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What happens to European travel plans after a no-deal Brexit?

Passport uk cost Updating

Yet the re-introduction of blue passports has proved hugely divisive, especially after it was revealed that the new versions would be produced by a Franco-Dutch company, causing consternation among many Brexiteers who had touted the move as a symbolic victory for British national sovereignty. The document notes that HMPO has identified that up to extra staff may be needed to handle extra demand that may occur between the fee increase becoming public knowledge and the new fees coming into force. Travel insurers may also ask for a police report should you lose your passport abroad and need to claim expenses for changing your travel plans.

The plans, which were passed by to in a House of Commons vote, are part of a drive to increase the use of online services and stop the burden of passport services falling on taxpayers, millions of whom do not have a passport.

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What about renouncing British citizenship? For the first time, the Home Office has psssport it more expensive to apply by post than online. A spokesman for travel trade organisation Abta said: Make sure when renewing a passport or completing any Government-related application that you are using a website with a "gov. Fees will go up across the board, but the increases will be less steep for those applying on the internet in a bid to encourage people to use this route. However, in cases of emergency there are ways to get a passport urgentlywhich are much more expensive than standard renewals.

Advertisement Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. The proposals are unrelated to the announcement that the UK passport will change colour from burgundy to blue after Britain leaves the EU. And if you do it within nine months of the expiry date, the time left on your existing document is carried over to your new one.

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