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Gift miashowi is always responsible. Koszarowa 3b k. Polish suburbanisation is relatively young due to the political past and economic restraints of the former system impeding social mobility. An intensive development of suburban settlements in the vicinity of cities in Poland has, however, taken place recently. This process is most noticeable on the fringe of great cities. Nevertheless, it is much different from the similar processes in Western European countries.

Polish suburbanisation is not usually based on large greenfield developments planned, carried out, and sold by property developers to individual customers but on individual activity of households, building detached or semi-detached houses in the vicinity of the cores of onkine old villages A clash of lifestyles, accepted values, and expressed sense of belonging between new and old inhabitants is one result of the massive inflow of newcomers and intensive spatial development of the area. Hence, Polish suburbanisation cannot be properly understood without taking into account spatial and social dimensions of the process.

The application of socio-spatial perspective SSPsuggested by the representatives of the school of the new urban sociology, e. Mark Gottdiener, is therefore a proposed way out of this challenging situation.

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Suburbanisation and the development of metropolitan regions are undoubtedly the most important processes transforming the socio-spatial structures in Poland. Researchers interested in urban studies should give particular attention to the pull micro-sociological and push macrosociological factors underpinning the mechanisms for change. They should also go beyond the traditional and increasingly outdated urban-rural continuum when giving explanation for economic, social, and spatial relations within the metropolis and its suburbs. They merely choose better housing conditions available at a definite price obtainable only in the countryside and they maintain very close connections with the previous dwelling place.

Secondly, suburbanites mould their ways of life by choosing freely from their urban, suburban, and rural experiences. From the spatially-driven point of view, their ways of life are put into practice not in the selected urban or rural locations but in the areas of the metropolitan region they find useful. Thirdly, the quality of life in the suburban areas is determined by the availability and quality of technical and social infrastructure in the vicinity of suburban settlements regardless of its ascription either to the city or to the countryside.

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