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13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Hurghada

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It is a favourite place for tourists to sunbathe or snorkel. Makadi Water World is a popular pirate-themed waterpark lookingg the outskirts of Hurghada, perfect for a family day out. Careless Reef is home to a beautiful coral garden rich in colourful marine life, take a diving trip and you might be able to spot a rare hammerhead shark! Show more 6. The New Marina in the centre of Hurghada is home to some fantastic restaurants, bars and shops, plus a beautiful old mosque to admire. These days, the aquarium is showing its age and could do with an update, but it still has the only decent display of Red Sea marine life in Hurghada.

For non-swimmers, it's also a good chance to see the Red Sea's abundant fish life up close. Snorkeling in Hurghada Colorful fish in the Red Sea at Hurghada Hurghada has some magical sites to explore underwater. Obviously one of the top things to do here is diving, but diving isn't for everyone, and many people are more comfortable snorkeling. You can experience many of the same underwater attractions on a snorkeling trip. A good option is the Red Sea snorkeling tripwhich includes pickup and drop-off from your Hurghada hotel and a full-day boat trip, with lunch, stopping off at three of the coast's prime snorkeling stops, with plenty of time for relaxation on board as well.

South of town, the Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh is a luxury beachfront resort with a sprawling pool and multiple restaurants. For families, the animation team and kids' club make this a good choice. Mid-Range Hotels: Amenities and activities include a water park, wonderful spa, and tennis courts, plus horseback riding and archery. The affordable, all-inclusive Jaz Makadi Saraya Resort is another good choice for a range of activities, with its own aqua park, tennis court, spa treatments, and dive center. Budget Hotels: In El Gouna, north of Hurghada, Cook's Club Lambi Kos has a great location on the central lagoon, comfortable rooms, an inviting pool, and a strip of private beach.

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More Related Articles on PlanetWare. All in all, there is an abundance of things to do in Hurghada, ranging from fun stuff for kids to delightful activities for adults. There are also plenty of snorkeling and scuba diving activities, so you can fully explore and experience the exquisiteness of the Red Sea. However, for those wanting to stay away from the water, there are palm frond shelters where they can just sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasant views. Explore the Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites Just north of Shadwan Island is this fantastic area to submerge into the sea that offers no less than five shipwrecks to explore.

One of the main attractions is the wreck of the Carnatic, a UK cargo ship sunk in the 19th century. Dive operators use this site as a try-dive site for novice divers, but experienced divers will also find joy experiencing the rich sea life. Play with dolphins at Mahmya Island The beach of Mahmya should be at the top of your list of things to do in Hurghada. Located at the Southern tip of the glorious Giftun Islands, the beach can be reached by booking a short boat trip. Once you get there, you can enjoy lazing on the glowing white sand and twirling through the crystal-clear waters. You might even spot a pod of dolphins on your boat ride so keep your cameras ready! Go on a Luxurious Snorkeling Tour This luxurious full-day tour takes you on a boat trip to the open sea areas where the dolphins can be found so you can get a chance to experience these magnificent creatures up close.

Take in the beauty of the coral reefs or just go swimming or snorkeling with these beautiful sea creatures! Choose from 50 different rides including a 19m free fall slide and a gleaming river to fulfill all your diving fantasies! There is plenty to do for both kids and adults! Learn Reef Diving in the Caves of the Careless Reef With many coral forests and a dense population of fish, this is a popular diving site in Hurghada.

Between hurghasa towers is a 16 meters deep valley that offers numerous diving options. It is accessible for both professional and less experienced divers. Enjoy the full day relaxing in a remarkable cruise with your family on the Red Sea. Explore the stunning coral reefs while you swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters.

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Be on the lookout for ray fish, sea turtles, angelfish, and playful dolphins and you might catch sight of them in their natural habitat. Get served with a delicious lunch buffet that is served on board. The tour starts from Hurghada and takes you to three snorkeling sites to explore the vast sea. Dive Your Heart Out at the Omo Gamaar One of the best diving locations with an abundance of marine life, the Omo Gamaar is a must visit for novice and expert divers alike. Planning Your Hurghada Visit Where to go? Whether you're looking for a calm relaxing beach resort, fine dining, vibrant night life, local cultural activites or adventure trips, Hurghada makes it all possible right on your doorstep!

Where to stay? There is a wealth of great holiday accommodation in Hurghada. Whether you choose a 5-star rated hotel resort or family villa, you won't be disappointed. When to go?

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