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10 Obvious Signs He's Playing Mind Games With You

He's ;laying good your teeth because you're not even his view. He's playing apart to get, yet he can have you really he wants, playing his destination game with you.

He's playing hard to get, yet he can have you anytime he wants, playing his mind game with you. Ia about it and playinf yourself if it has happened. If the answer is yes, ne that is not cool at all, at least ke for you because he is using you for his needs and pleasure, and you are not an object to be used for such things. You are a human too, ibto have feelings and he needs to respect that and stop acting like a little boy playing with his toys. You don't want to be in a relationship where the only way for you to get his attention is on his bed. A post shared by Alexandra Beiu alexbeiu on Sep 20, at 7: He doesn't want to make memories with you Let's face it, nowadays it's all about being present and popular on the internet.

Whether you want it or not, it's now an integral part of our lives. We share our life and intimacy with 'friends' and both known and unknown people. We are playing a social media game where we show how perfect our lives are, even though they're not. When you are in a relationship, you want to introduce your boyfriend to the world and proudly post it on Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, he avoids any attempt to take a photo with you, he hides when you try to record something, and, on top of everything, it makes him mad.

It's a little suspicious, realoy you think? When you are gamrs someone and when you're having a great time playihg, you want to create a mutual memory to remind you of those moments. If he does not want it, it means he is not serious about you and your relationship. Maybe he doesn't want anyone to know about you because he is probably hiding something, so he will usually try to convince you that he is not photogenic or that he's not in the mood. I would say that this is an obvious sign that he's playing with you. Mind game It's all about him Healthy, committed relationships are supposed to be a pleasure for both of you, not a game to be played.

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plaiyng If you love someone, there's no place for being selfish, as you can't think only about yourself. But, let's face it, many current relationships are a 'one-way street'. As Beyonce said, "me, myself and I, that's all I got". He only talks about himself, his problems and issues and he doesn't even listen to you.

Also, he only does what makes him happy, which means he is totally playing with you. In his dictionary, 'we' is not a word while 'you' are defined as irrelevant. Well, honey, you should know that Earth revolves around the Sun, not around him. On the first indication of being with someone so obsessed with himself, you should run away. Sometimes you will have to communicate how his behavior impacts your emotions. Men are programmed to look at beauty. Because it shows you he is committed to YOU — not chasing another skirt. Second — if his eyes are working overtime, let him know you need him to appreciate you as much as the novelty of some other woman. And even better is to give him a little of his own medicine: Force yourself to visually appreciate other guys, and be obvious about it.

If he gets jealous, even better. My advanced technique for handling these guys is in my Irresistible Desire program. Guys sometimes do this to girls to test them. They want to see what your boundaries and limits are. In fact, we all have this ability to push our limits to see what we can get away with. He might put you down in public, or just douche on your good time. React or lash back at him. You have to maintain your dignity. Disengage, and walk away. He's not traveling for work or out of town, you're just his last priority. He's never going to be Mr. He's not asking about you because he's only thinking about himself.

He's not trying to be yours because he's just trying to get his. He's not playing games, he's just playing you. He isn't talking about his feelings because he just isn't feeling you. He's not going to just text you later, he's not planning on texting you at all. He's not coming to your place, because you've already made it clear you'll always travel to his. He's not taking you out on real dates, because he doesn't consider the two of you dating. He's not adding you on social media, because he's keeping you in the dark. He's not making excuses, he genuinely doesn't want to hang out with you.

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He's not too busy, he's just too busy for you. He's not calling you back, he's talking behind yours. He's not waiting to text because he's waiting for someone better.

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