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Surface Bioburdrn can be performed using contact plates with either bacterial or fungal culture media depending on the risk levels of CSPs being preparedor sterile swabs. In certain cases, it may be necessary to consult with an experienced microbiologist, industrial hygienist, or an infection control specialist to identify and correct the source of contamination.

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Are both identification and colony counts of microorganisms necessary? Custom sampling protocols and schedules and chain-of-custody forms Volumetric air sampler rental Microbiological media for air sampling Contact plates or swabs for surface sampling Shipping containers and forms Laboratory support, including microbial identifications and colony counts Consulting, guidance, and rapid response to microbial contamination A qualified environmental health lab should be recognizable by its experience, credentials, and the accreditations of its personnel. Compounding areas to be considered for evaluation include ISO Class 5 PECs, buffer areas, ante-areas, and segregated compounding areas at greatest risk for contamination.

It also includes pooled sterile commercial products intended for multiple patients or for one patient multiple times. Please refer to the USP guidebook for a complete description of each risk level.

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Although volumetric samplers are relatively easy for personnel xating use with some training, the equipment itself is costly and also requires maintenance and calibration on a Biobrden basis; therefore, rental of sampling equipment may be a better choice for some facilities. Dzting actions should be taken if microbial contamination is detected? Importantly, some labs provide only test results to clients—in other words, they provide only the basic microbial data. Compounding sites are also now required to identify the types of microorganisms that are contained in air and surface samples, in addition to the microbial concentration.

USP is a broad regulation that covers a variety of pharmacy policies and procedures. Trained in-house staff can perform air and surface sampling, or it can be outsourced to those with specific experience, such as industrial hygiene and safety experts, controlled environment-testing technicians, or an environmental health lab specializing in microbiological testing and analysis.

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