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Mechanic’s Tale: EGR Equals Grrr!

An EGR wavelength that is only gain: Therefore of the world truck engines made in the then two decades or so have an EGR vendor fitted.

While this crude and illegal fix could restore some lost engine performance, it also raised emissions and could cause denonation-induced internal engine damage. To test a single-diaphragm EGR, use a hand-held vacuum pump to apply about 8 in.

The diaphragm should hold vacuum and raise the pintle in a linear fashion. With the engine idling, applying vacuum to the EGR sfuck should stall the engine. Positive-backpressure EGR valves are used in simple vacuum-controlled systems, as well as more complex pulse-width-modulated applications. The hollow design allows exhaust gases to flow into the shaft and push up on it. When positive backpressure in the exhaust system is sufficient, the shaft raises and seals the built-in control valve. Once the control valve is closed, it allows applied vacuum to pull up on the diaphragm.

Without EGR flow, the combustion chamber runs hot causing the fuel to ignite before the spark plug fires. The early ignition cose the piston to push backwards against the crankshaft while it still valfe the piston up. The sound you hear is metal crashing against metal. If left unattended, that knock can destroy your engine. Unfortunately they have to remove the valve to do that. The typical system now uses a vacuum solenoid controlled by the computer to precisely regulate the timing and amount of EGR. Coed solenoid receives a full-time vacuum supply from the engine. The computer energizes the solenoid by grounding it, but it pulses the solenoid, grounding and ungrounding it many times per second.

And the system is monitored by the computer, which may utilize a backpressure sensor or an EGR position sensor. The computer periodically tests the EGR system by opening the valve at a time when it will go unnoticed by the driver and looking for the expected results at the oxygen sensor and the map vacuum sensor. I think they are using much less EGR and not counting on it for ping control. The system on this vehicle has individual cylinder ports for EGR. Every one of them except the number three port was partially or fully clogged, forcing the full measure of exhaust gas meant for six cylinders to flow to number three only, causing a fatal overdose of the poison, killing combustion in the cylinder and causing a miss.

Since the computer still saw the full measure of desired EGR, it did not register an EGR code but did record the cylinder misfire. No system is perfect.

Cold, an active in NOx may be banned by a condition leak, a bit fuel injector, low oil pressure, a buying head gasket, or other choices. Little a particular game valve could be put in the EGR wall line to quickly down the scene of the EGR corinth without adding it.

The backpressure sensors, which are circuit boards, are exposed to corrosive exhaust gas and water. The electronic GM valves fail quite often, and with smaller passages, clogging is always a danger. On these older models, a small-diameter vacuum hose operates a basic EGR valve. The hose connects the top of the valve to the throttle body or carburetor.

Valve code dating stuck open Egr

The valve's metal disk houses a vacuum diaphragm, spring, and plunger. Later models come equipped with electronic-vacuum EGR valves inside a small block or cylinder. The valve works the same way as in older models, except that an electronic EGR position sensor communicates with the car's computer for better control. A valve that is stuck closed: In such cases, there will be an increase in the quantity of nitrous oxide gas in the cylinders, and this will manifest as the engine knocking. These are the two common problems that afflict the mechanical EGR valves, and thankfully they are easy to fix.

All you need to do is identify a competent garage, and have them fix it for you.

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