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But he's not likely to register to anything. I'm dependably enjoying myself right now.

The swimmer who owns 18 Olympic pheelps medals in middle and longer distance races is going to try sprinting. Phelps will compete in the meter freestyle at the Arena Grand Prix on Friday, except he plans to swim his morning heat using a butterfly stroke. It's allowed under the rules, and Phelps is doing it to work on his stroke under race conditions, something he hadn't experienced until beginning his comeback this week after a month retirement. Ryan Lochte won, and Phelps finished in second place. He was competing for the first time since the London Olympics.

Lochte elaborated first in Offering Bob Brother said Phelps was optimum technically in the country than at different.

A relaxed Phelps was smiling Thursday after swimming his first race since the London Olympics, even though he lost in the butterfly to longtime rival and friend Ryan Lochte. Lochte touched first in Phelps was second in He lowered his time of Coach Bob Bowman said Phelps was better technically in the morning than at night. Hey, that swimmer looks like a caucasian rapper! Hey, that softball player looks like a porn star! Hey, that female sprinter looks like a man! Here's all my Olympic lookalike observations. If you have any of your own, feel free to post them in the comments section. HTML is enabled, so you can illustrate your own observations with photos or links to photos.

Being a gymnast is not a typical "guy thing" to do, but Paul Hamm's butt cut hairstyle is typical among Wisconsin residents, so at least the Wisconsin native has that going for him. The history of bad Wisconsin haircuts also makes it unlikely that Hamm is secretly obsessed with Alfalfa from "The Little Rascals". This should make us all feel a little better, because there's nothing worse than watching a guy twist around on a pommel horse when you know he's thinking about a dead little boy. If I didn't have the names listed below their photos, would you honestly be able to tell the difference between softball pitcher Jennie Finch and porn star Jenna Jameson?

They have the same hair, the same face, the same makeup job, and could probably pass themselves off as identical twins. Well, at least until you got them in the bedroom and realized Jameson is loose enough to fit a refrigerator inside her vagina. But beggars can't be choosers. Speaking of identical twins, take a look at water polo star Is "star" the right word? Azevedo looks like McConaughey on a vicious bender, or after a gang has beaten him viciously and poured a lifetime worth of chlorine in his eye sockets.

But don't feel bad, Azevedo. At least you weren't involved in the hpelps, "The Wedding Planner. I apologize in advance. Just take away the loop earrings, change her hair a bit, and give her one Oscar-winning movie role and a dozen really awful ones. Just imagine the children these two would bear if they had a cheap one-night stand.

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Oh, the horror. The horror! Swimmer Michael Phelps may be a star in the swimming pool, but he looks like 7'7" mutant and former NBA player Gheorghe Muresan when he poses with his medals. Phelps can escape this same fate this year by changing his hairstyle and.

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